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Root Strata Blog  Q & A  07.03.08

1: Analog or Digital?
If I have a choice, analog, no doubt. And if we’re talking LP vs. CD, I’ll take an LP everytime. MP3…ungh, forget it. I don’t even have an Ipod. But having said that, I have some digital effect pedals that I love using and I buy and listen to CDs all the time, for sure. And I’ll record on anything that I have access to, so it’s just a matter of what I can get my hands on. Personally, analog is just more fun cause an old reel-to-reel is like driving an old Volkswagen—you’re at the helm of a slightly rickety machine, and I like that. I get enough of sitting in front of a computer at my day job.

2: What time did you wake up today?
5:45 am—Ouch, got a toddler in the house so no more late mornings.

3: Last thing you read?
Last Town on Earth by Thomas Mullen.

4: What’s your first memory?
Earthquake…specifically, running down the hallway into my parents’ bedroom during that earthquake.

5: Tea Or Coffee?
Tea, green…or wine, red….or beer…

6: Last thing you cooked?
Not much of a cook, but one of the few things I can usually pull off is salmon in a little garlic and olive oil which I’m sure I must have done in the last week or so. Everything else I leave to the professionals—my wife, the taqueria, the pizza joint…

7: If you’re reborn who or what would you like to be?
I don’t know, it’s all one big thing anyway. I’ll go for a tree.

8: What inspires you?
Slogging through the day job, the traffic, and all the hassles of daily life and responsibility just to get a spare few moments to play some music…nothing like a good fight to summon the muse, eh?

9: Last record you played?
That mysterious Thai LP on Mississippi records.

10: Favorite piece of musical equipment?
Black telecaster built out of scrap parts.

11: Last movie you saw?
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

12: Who do you love?
My family.

13: Do you have any pets?
Yes, a cat named Blue.

14: Are you useful?
I doubt it, but it’d be nice to think so.

15: Biggest fear?
The direction the world is headed in.

16: What do you value the most?
Being here.

17: Famous last words?
Shit, what happened?